The Samovar

Lets make two mistakes.

MICHAEL MACKENZIE - 3/19/2003 at 22:18

Without having to look any further than the colour of the overprint, purple instead of black, this stamp screams forgery. The second mistake is that this value wasn't issued with the Kharkov III overprint.

purpKhar..jpg - 6kB

Kharkiv III forged trident

Dr. Ray Ceresa - 10/3/2003 at 12:24

I believe this is an illustration of the forgery F5(Kh.III) which has only been noted in a thin watery violet ink. My copies are mostly on the 1 kop. imperf. value, normal, inverted, double, between stamps, sideways and obliquely angled. The forger seems to have had a penchant for the bizarre. It makes an interesting addition to a reference collection. It is not very common and is usual found in old-time collections, circa 1930.

MICHAEL MACKENZIE - 10/3/2003 at 13:49

I will put it and a few others in the mail if you want them.