The Samovar

Priamurskii Zemskii Krai (Diterikhs) fake

IvoSteijn - 3/27/2003 at 21:38

Genuine at left, fake at right. Forgot the frame, and the shape of the letters is all wrong.

PZK genuine and fake.jpg - 16kB

Priamurskii Zemskii Krai forgery

Dr. Ray Ceresa - 9/27/2003 at 10:44

I agree that this forgery is completely wrong w.r.t. the lettering etc. It seems to be different in many respects to the eleven forgeries, F1 to F11, illustrated in my handbook of 1982 (Vol.3, Parts 3/5) and I believe this is a relatively new production. Are other copies of this forgery known to members and can they suggest when it might have surfaced and from where.