The Samovar

Scott # 184 Double impression forgery

Andrey - 3/28/2003 at 19:01

Here is digital forgery of double impression.
Possibly done by inkjet printer.
Noted the 2nd image is slightly bigger.

Bought on Ebay auction from russphil, a.k.a Simon (Semeon) Sheynberg, a.k.a. Eugene Polzik.

I could not find any other source for those forgeries, do you?

184FORG.JPG - 39kB

msmike - 6/11/2003 at 17:31

Just starting to use a new program to deterimine the grade of stamp (ie perfs and margins, etc), and discovered that the scanner has everything to do with how well the recreation of the stamp will be. Therefore I can imagine that when this stamp was scanned, the scanner was not properly calibrated. This a big advantage to us who are looking for the forgeries.:)