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Overseas tariffs 1875 - 1880

tbeberger - 9/1/2005 at 13:22

was there a special overseas tariff in Russia following the years of the UPU foundation, i.e. between 1875 and 1880? In France such a voie de mer tariff had to be paid for example for mail to the United States or Argentina. I have never seen anything like this. Does somebody has some information or even items to show?
Thanks a lot,
Thomas Berger, Switzerland

howard - 9/3/2005 at 08:27

The unit rate for ordinary mail to a UPU member was 8 kop. from 1875-1879. For non-members, the rates varied by destination: for example, Australia - 21 kop., Canada - 12 kop., Peru - 33 kop., Bolivia - 51 kop., Liberia - 21 kop., Peking - 38 kop.

tbeberger - 9/7/2005 at 14:17

Thank you very much howard,
just to understand you correctly, the tariff to all members was 8 Kop., also to members overseas like the United States or Agentina / Canada after becoming a member of the UPU in 1878? I am asking because some countries like France had special overseas tariffs up to 1879.
Do you have items depicting these special non-member tariffs? I am asking because a French colleague asked me about the possibility of these maritime tariffs.
Thanks again, Thomas

howard - 9/8/2005 at 12:44

Yes. as soon as a country joined the UPU, the rate became 8 kop.
I do not have any covers to non-UPU countries from this period. They are scarce.