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Author: Subject: Mint v. Used

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[*] posted on 1/13/2004 at 17:18
Mint v. Used

As a new member, I'm not sure I'm in the right place because I have a pretty basic question. I read a comment on the "Catalogue" posting about members here being about more than filling spaces on a page. That makes me pause because in my many years of collecting I've never followed too closely issues of what kind of perforation an issue has, etc. I do well to handle the perforation gauge competently!

So, here's where I am. After many years of collecting US, I've decided to look to Russia, a country I've long been interested in. I downloaded a catalogue at a price much cheaper than a Scott Specialty album but of that nature. I want to limit the collection to before 1991 to keep it manageable.

My simple question--how have others decided the question of used v. mint for your collections? I've thought of mint for the issues I particularly like, or mint for issues after a randomly chosen date, or mint for what I can afford--but I haven't settled on anything.

Do you know the FDR collection? I have a used air mail from his collection (officially my "first" Russian) and read an article about how randomly sorted his collection was--some amazing specimens together with the most common, used issues taken from everyday envelopes. The author thought this approach reflected the "real collector's" spirit.

Any ideas in a Russian context would be appreciated.

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[*] posted on 1/13/2004 at 17:38

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Rossica BB!!!
You need to collect want you want. Anybody who tries to tell you to collect mint or used would be out of line. I think most members here would agree. :D

Personally, I collect both!
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[*] posted on 1/13/2004 at 17:45

I collect mint, mint in blocks of 4, used, used in multiply , covers. varietis (both), etc, etc,. ;);)

Welc:Dme !!!!!!
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[*] posted on 1/13/2004 at 18:31

Welcome to the Russian arena!
I collect mint not hinged for post-1960 issues, mint hinged and used for issues prior to that because of budgetary reasons.

There is one big exception to my mint post-1960 rule: genuinely used on cover or card.

I tend to prefer mint, but find used on cover equally good or even better. Varieties or very scarce stamps I gladly take used.

Some time in the future I would like to make my own album pages with covers, stamps, varieties etc all put together. Like my own private exhibition.

One example: the first worker definitive stamps (1922). A page with these would contain the mint set, examples used on cover and a photograph/article of the sculpture that was used for the design. I like context with my stamps :)

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[*] posted on 1/13/2004 at 21:00
Way to go!!

Welcome to our new member and kudos to those who responded so warmly to scottpc's question. This proves the value of becoming a Rossica member.
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biggrin.gif posted on 1/13/2004 at 21:18
From start to the present day

I collect both Mint and postally used for all issues right up to the present day. CTO's are not discounted because they can have nice unexpected varieties.

My Imperial used stamps are organized by the type of cancels e.g SPb varieties including geometric cancels positioned chronologically on the page(s).

Each of my Imperial stamps (mint or used) are fully annotated, with at least one page/denomination. This allows me to continuely expand ... whether it be a colour variety or a new printing error. Each page then becomes an academic profile for that particular issue.

All my post Imperial collections follow a similar descriptive format, except that they are organized into specific groupings or sets + their varieties e.g. perf varieties or reprints etc.

FDC's are also worth considering as a nice contrast especially if they have special occassion postmarks.

Every few years I redesign my collection as my personal preferences change.

Just be as flexible as possible and enjoy what you acquire.

Collecting stamps by theme is also something which may appeal to you e.g. Space or Russian architecture.

~ :D~
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[*] posted on 1/13/2004 at 22:21

I really don't collect much of anything today, but I keep almost everything.

I have most of the later issues - some years in CTO just to fill in the spots. I'm interested in Imperial and mostly used. The postal history dudes in Rossica have helped me expand to take in to account where stamps (or covers) were postmarked, where they traveled, etc. Fascinating is the postage you can track that spans Gregorian and Julian calendars.

Other than that..........not much to report!



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[*] posted on 1/14/2004 at 01:29
not only stamps

This message is to show, that philately is not stamp collecting only. I stopped to collect stamps 5 years before, because of too much forgeries. My stamp collection is mounted on my own designed pages in DOC or RTF format (Imperial Russia and Lithuania 1918-1940). I can send it by e-mail by request.
I found, that collecting Postal History items, like WW1 POW correspondence, is more interesting (for me) - I feel the human touch on each item, I have. A lot of historical, geographical knowledge is neccessary; each item is unic. A lot of themes are included: formula issues, variaties of POW cards, POW camps, censor marks, POW, which were not settled in camps and much more.
Generally - not a stamp or post card is important, but what is standing behind it.
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[*] posted on 1/14/2004 at 05:10
Back to MINT vs. USED

I think we made our new member rather confused. He started with a SIMPLE question - MINT or USED, and we poured on him a rather ADVANCED stuff. So let me get back to his original question. This is how I handle it.

I collect stamps (as well as other "things";). Most of what I have is mint-never-hinged. But I also have MINT-HINGED, USED (postally and CTO). And I'm constantly UPGRADING my collection. I'm trying to add items I'm missing, in the condition I can afford (NO FAULTS though). And then I'm trying to find better and better copies till I find MINT-NEVER-HINGED with good centering. It's a process without end - it's always possible to find a better copy of the same stamp, or variety. So my want list has three columns for each set/stamp: USED, MH and MNH. If I have a complete USED set then I'm trying to obtain a complete MH set/stamp, if I managed to complete MH set - then I try to upgrade it to the MNH. I keep the most complete sets in my MAIN albums and less complete better sets in a separate album and as soon as I can find missing stamps for that better set - I replace the set in the main album.
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