The Moscow versions of the address cards are essentially the same except that they say Moscow and have a different embossed emblem. The emblem for Moscow is a square that contains the coat-of-arms for Moscow. Below is an image altered to present its basic idea. For more pictures and an explanation of the emblem, click here.

All three Moscow cards presented are answer cards from the Address Bureau to individuals who asked for information. The first two cards are single reply cards and contain the standard five-line inscription found on the reply cards as well as the answer cards from the double "request w/reply" cards. A single bracket is on the right of the inscription.

The third card listed below is the reply portion of a double card. According to Higgins and Gage, the address cards were discontinued around 1909. This example was used in 1912. Additionally, there is no embossed emblem on this card. Note the violet cachet in the upper right-hand corner on the reverse of the card (right image). This is a hand-stamp from the Address Bureau and it matches the date of the postmarks on the front of the card.

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