St. Petersburg

The first two cards are a single cards sent to the St. Petersburg Address Bureau requesting the addresses and are from the issue of 1886. The card cost the information seeker 9 kop., which covered the cost of a return card with the information. The second card cost 10 kop. for the same function. Below left is the front of the card and below right the reverse of the 9-kop. card. Notice the standard four-line inscription found on request and answer cards at the left with a bracket.

The 10-kop. card is similar to the 9-kop. card and is pictured below.

The difference between these two cards is a phrase printed on the cards about the "printing." Below is the phrase that appears on the left-front of the 9-kop card. On the bottom is the phrase that appears on the reverse on the lower-right portion of the 10-kop. card.

The next two cards are reply cards sent in response to an inquiry. They are from the 1890 issue. The card immediately below was used in 1890. The card below it was used in 1897. Notice the standard five-line inscription found on the reply cards as well as the answer cards from the double "request w/reply" cards.

They appear to be identical EXCEPT for a phrase printed on the reverse of the 1897 card in the lower, right-hand portion. The phrase is presented below.

And one last card from St. Petersburg from 1889 issue is featured below.

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