Postal Mechanization in the USSR


Several years ago I had the opportunity to acquire what appears to be a study of the automation of mail in the Soviet Union. I showed it to a couple of Soviet-era stationery collectors and did not get much of a response. Oh well, it is not the only thing I have purchased that turned out to be ho-hum.


The purpose of showing it here is to see if there is any interest among our members to complete the story. This is not my area of expertise and the words used in this article are those of the previous owner/creator, for whom I do not even have a name. We will need someone with better knowledge on the subject than I have.


I asked Jean Walton to look at this article and provide guidance, which she did in an exemplary manner. At the end of this short article, there are a few items from her collection that indicate the "now," whereas this study was probably done in the 1980s. Did the method change in the 1990s? Kto znaet?





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