Postal History of Kazan and Kazan Gubernia 1779-1917

by Tagir Mukhutdinov, Posted: 2018-11-30 Samovar Email the Link to this Exhibit

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Postal History of Kazan

Kazan, which has more than a thousand-year history, the former capital of the Kazan Khanate, and incorporated into Russia in 1552, has not been studied at all in the philatelic aspect. The starting point of the exhibit is the year 1779 - the year of the creation of the Kazan Main Post Office. The last mailing date is dated by the day the Soviet power arrived. Kazan city became in 1866 one of the first cities in Russia to introduce "City post".

In difference to any other city of Russia every department of the Kazan city post was named according to its geographical location. In the province there was a developed network of postal establishments, auxiliary postal points, and also zemstvo post operated in each county.

Two important water traffics of European part of Russia were in Kazan gubernia - the Volga and the Kama rivers are connecting here. So, postal steamships from Astrakhan, Perm and Nizhniy Novgorod passed through Kazan province. Thus, Kazan itself has become a major transit point. The population of the province, in addition to steamship mail, also used the services of railway mail. With the beginning of the War Kazan province became a region of administrative support. Here were evacuated hospitals, military schools, etc. Camps of prisoners of war were located in every county of province.This story is shown here by postal items.