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Rossica Journal #158
Within the next two weeks, our Rossica members and subscribers should start receiving their Journal ...
4/29/2012 at 02:49
by: msmike
Turkish SC#1? forgery
If you read the description of the genuine versus the forgery and the facsimile in the Billig's Guid ...
10/5/2011 at 14:43
by: msmike
The next thing to do is to check the size of the postmark against the size of the normal postmark. I ...
2/23/2011 at 21:47
by: msmike
Russian Year Sets
You might try some of our member dealers who advertise in the Journal. Some of them sell years sets ...
2/23/2011 at 21:35
by: msmike
ASTP Variety
Unfortunately, I don't have any full sheets of the Russian Apollo-Soyuz stamps. However, it was a jo ...
10/9/2010 at 15:51
by: msmike
very nice color pictures from russia 1910
The photos are fantastic. To show the brilliant color of the area and clothes of the period makes it ...
9/27/2010 at 20:10
by: msmike

I went to your website but was unable to find the fakes. It might be because I was unabl ...
4/19/2010 at 10:17
by: msmike
USSR postage rates in 1991
I think you will find what you are looking for in the post in this same area of Postal Rates with th ...
2/15/2010 at 13:33
by: msmike
Wish for a time machine ....
Even more interesting than the price is the fact it states "with gum". This may be one more clue in ...
1/4/2010 at 22:01
by: msmike
Scott 210c Plate Variety
Thanks, Gary, Peter will appreciate the plug. However, I am not the Gutter Pairs as most everybody k ...
9/30/2009 at 20:41
by: msmike
Scott 210c Plate Variety
This stamp is Scott 210c. I cannot upload the whole pane of 25 stamps but is either the upper or low ...
9/30/2009 at 17:27
by: msmike
ROSSICAPEX 2009 Show Programs
We have sold 7 of the Show Programs but I will admit that 5 of the programs were sold to one person. ...
9/10/2009 at 15:07
by: msmike
New start up forum on Yahoo
I don't know what has happened but I followed the link given and Yahoo says the group no longer exis ...
9/7/2009 at 18:49
by: msmike
Blue-black 7500R surcharge on Scott 201
And I have been waiting for the other sections as well. My 3-ring binder is still on the shelf waiti ...
9/7/2009 at 18:41
by: msmike
Notice anything about this postcard?

The first card was commonly called a bride's card. It was send to the prospective groom dur ...
7/22/2008 at 03:39
by: msmike
1923 Philately for Labor
Newer information is starting to come out about this issue. The newest thing I have heard is the the ...
7/22/2008 at 03:09
by: msmike
Buying Stamps as an Investment
I started this subject as a break away from the posted subject entitled "Mint or Used". If someone i ...
4/18/2008 at 19:28
by: msmike
Mint vs. CTO
I am breaking this reply into a new posting subject because purchasing stamp as an investment is a s ...
4/18/2008 at 19:03
by: msmike
Mint vs. CTO
Now I guess I am taking the opposite tack. I will continue to try to buy the best MNH set I can or a ...
4/17/2008 at 22:35
by: msmike
Samovar agreement
And since I have had two phone conversations about where to find the Board Rules, just look above th ...
7/21/2007 at 19:57
by: msmike
Michel vs. Scott catalog
I know many of you will not like what I have to say but please bear with me. Scott is not a guide fo ...
6/10/2007 at 13:22
by: msmike
Any Rossica members exhibiting in St.Petersburg?
From what I just read, it appears that anyone who exhibits pre-1945 material of any country could be ...
6/10/2007 at 12:31
by: msmike
Opinion Please, Genuine or Fake.
The laid paper is as it should be and there is no sign of any thunderbolts. Due to the cancellation, ...
6/10/2007 at 12:17
by: msmike
Detecting forgeries of 1922 Child Semipostal
As you might notice, the is an difference is each of them. The "1" in the each of the stamps is diff ...
6/10/2007 at 12:03
by: msmike
Any Rossica members exhibiting in St.Petersburg?
I have checked with many dealers who would possibly have Russian philatelic material and to date not ...
6/6/2007 at 21:51
by: msmike
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