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Gary - 4/22/2007 at 14:42

Have you tried a Google search for stamp albums? There are many out there. I got app. 1.2 millions entries back.

tedim2 - 4/22/2007 at 14:54

How much do you wish to spend?

ameis33 - 4/22/2007 at 15:19

I made myself the same question time ago.
I've tried with SAFE albums, but after spending some money, i realized commercial album will never fit my needs. Not that i have special needs, but it would be difficult to arrange anything which won't match almost exactly with what has been foreseen, i.e. a stamp with wider margins, a small variety, etc.
I finally realized i must produce the album by myself, even if i still haven't begun (i don't won't to divorce before the seventh year. It requires some (a lot) of time...)
I can suggest you to take a look at this link:

But please, that you produce by yourself or that you buy a commercial album, let me know your considerations after you've tried...

igorfmyask - 4/22/2007 at 15:46

I am printing my own album pages because I cannot find pages to fit my needs at all.


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igorfmyask - 4/22/2007 at 17:37

Finally I could attach example of my album sheet (see my previous message).

RSFSR - 4/22/2007 at 18:30

I've always found this topic (essentially how to display one's collection) to be really interesting.

It is probably fair to say that when we start collecting, we acquire a Scott or Minkus type catalog and just try to 'fill in the blanks', as it were.

The problems start when we acquire a marginal copy, a block of four, or a variety .... I guess the solution is you try to place it on the page somewhere if that is possible, or you buy blank pages and add the varieties there ... now it starts to get messy.

Two of the solutions I have tried are:

1 - Blank pages, one set per page, I write the heading, description and details of the appropriate issues, and house the stamps using Scott mounts (lightly adhered to the page so that can be removed and repositioned with minimal damage). This allows great flexibility as one can modify the design as appropriate - and the design is what really makes a collection come to life!

2 - Stock sheets ... these have the advantage of flexibility in that stamps can be rearranged very easily, but the big disadvantage is that generally the pages contain strips all the same size which doesn't make the presentation that great. I don't particularly like this approach ...

I think the best solution is to create one's own pages ... when I retire I might tackle this ... it would be rather a fun project ... Although, by that time, someone may already have created the pages and I can download and tailor to my needs ...?

mvarfolo - 4/22/2007 at 22:15

I'm happy with Schaubek albums/printed pages + Schaubek blank pages combo.
And the rest goes into Lindner line - stockbooks, sheet albums, etc.
Lindner album system looks interesting and they carry blank pages also, this seems easier to acquire in the US then Schaubek.
Just $0.02

ameis33 - 4/23/2007 at 10:53

I've never tried to download the pages from the link i've posted for two reasons. First, they're in english, i'd rather italian (but you can't have all from the life). The second is that they're written using pagemaker, and this makes (at least for me) a bit difficult to arrange them.

The pages are available as PDF files, so if you don't need to modify them, it's not a problem what they've been written with. Some pages in PDF format are also available for a free download for evaluation. If you want to see some page from the russian catalog, i think you can ask the people if they can send it. There shouldn't be any problem...

These album have the advantage they're cheap (but you should evaluate the overall cost, included the mounts and the paper, which should be a bit heavy, at least 160 g/m2... Some purist will also tell you to use acid free paper...)

But, as for the other albums, will they fit your needs? without the possibility to modify the page, their use is still limitate. So, in my opinion, if you think to adopt this kind of album, you should also have pagemaker available.

Other words is to take it as a sample and to produce by yourself the pages... I think even a program as Words could be used. The result is just matter how much time and good will you will put inside...

PS! A name, what's a name? Wouldn't a rose have the same profume if it wouldn't call that way? (Sheakspeare... don't confuse with Sheaksbeer... two beers or not two beers...)
My nick is ameis33, my name is Roberto...

PS! What about an album for a postal history collection? How do you mount the pieces? Which rules will you follow to write the labels?

mvarfolo - 4/23/2007 at 16:59

PS! What about an album for a postal history collection? How do you mount the pieces? Which rules will you follow to write the labels?

Have you looked at ? - tab FDC and postacard albums, etc. Plus there's an XXL album for documents and larger pieces. May be it's an option that you might like. Russian pages are also listed - nice, but definitely not cheap.

Gary - 4/23/2007 at 17:25

Postal history remains a mystery to those who do not collect it. Heck, it still remains a mystery to some of us who do collect it. Trying to define an album page layout on postal history is not an idea based on sound logic. There are just too many factors to consider. In other words, develop your own method is probably best???

Just an opinion:)

RSFSR - 4/23/2007 at 18:34

You'd save a lot of space if you just cut the stamp and postmarks from the envelope ....? You could make them all the same size and they would fit perfectly in a stock book ...

Just kidding ....

ameis33 - 4/24/2007 at 00:54


Postal history remains a mystery to those who do not collect it. Heck, it still remains a mystery to some of us who do collect it.

In effect, this is right (i speak about myself)... My question can be reformulated as: how to mount a collection? Of course, not from the logical point of view. This is absolutely personal and depend by the character given to the collection. I mean mostly in a practical way: how to fix the covers on the pages, how to arrange the pages, which rules should be followed (if any) to write labels (i.e. avoid rare, RRRR, and so on...), etc.

ameis33 - 4/24/2007 at 03:44

Let me explain a little bit better

A cover, more than a stamp, need to be seen by both sides. For some cover you can show just the most interesting side, but for others it is not easy to choose which...
The SAFE sheets are interesting for this purpose. Each sheet is made in reality by two sheets overlapped. The first part is a transparent sheet with poaches to place covers, stamps, etc. The second is a normal sheet of paper which can be used to write descriptions, frames, etc. Descriptions can also be written on label placed near the pieces. The covers (but also stamps, etc.) can be seen by both sides, so no problem with it. I tried to use it, but i'm not so satisfied. But it's mostly a problem with the formats of the sheets, which (as usual) are always different than how you'd like to have...

I think there are two basic ways to mount a cover on a sheet. The first is to place for each cover four fixing elements, one for each corner. I think it's the cheapest way, but i don't like it too much. To insert or remove a cover it's not so easy, and sometime you can crease it. The second way is to use envelopes or mounts. They're welded by two or three sides, it's easy to insert/remove a cover, easy to fix, but you can't see both sides of the cover.
Interesting particulars (postmarks, etc.) on the reverse side can be shown as picture inserted near the cover itself.

Does folded letters have to be inserted unfolded? Still depends on what you want to show, as it will take much more space.

What should you add as description? Normally, a little text describing the key features of the cover (what you find interesting in it). But in my idea, i will like to add also side information. I.e. if a postmark is used on a cover, i will like to add a description about what that postmark is, when it was used, for which purpose, in which periode, etc. This is again not a problem. Just must know what to write (seems easy) and have the space for the description. Does such description must be near the cover, or perhaps it could be in a separate section?

I understand the answers to these questions depends mostly by the wish of the owner of the collection (and of course, but the good will to put them in practice...). But i would like to hear your opinion or idea about this subject...

Of course a postal history album, like it is a stamp album, is absolutely out of each logic...

Also the idea to cut the stamps from the letter in regular pieces is not so good, mostly because i collect stampless...

RSFSR - 4/24/2007 at 12:43

One solution would be if Schaubek sold a downloadable file that could be printed and modified as appropriate. If one was lucky anough to have a block of Sc 859 (sold for $1,200!)

one could reprint the page moving other items around so that the block could be mounted appropriately.

Alternatively, one original page could become two if needed - instead of having two sets on the page, two pages could be printed with set 1 on the first and set 2 on the second.

There might be problems with printing as the Schaubek blank page is larger than usual, but that would be up to the purchaser, and it might be possible to print on a different type of page ...?

This would also allow the owner to add more information (such as number issued) relataively easily.

Just some thoughts ...

cec71 - 4/26/2007 at 10:48

Several years ago I purchased Russian Empire and RSFSR albums from Nikolai Belantchikov at NB Stamps either in New Zealand or Australia. High quality paper. Contains spaces for most major color, perf, watermark, paper, etc. varieties. A bit pricey but well worth the investment. Spend money on nice albums. Would you put high end furniture (your stamps) in a run down shack (your album)? Would see if he is still listed on the Internet.

Bill Stoten - 4/26/2007 at 11:02

Originally posted by RSFSR
You'd save a lot of space if you just cut the stamp and postmarks from the envelope ....? You could make them all the same size and they would fit perfectly in a stock book ...

Just kidding ....

Isn't a postal history collector just a postmark collector 'Gone Large'?

achlenov - 4/26/2007 at 12:03

I am with Ged - too much empty space = no good.

IvoSteijn - 4/26/2007 at 12:33

Originally posted by Bill Stoten
Isn't a postal history collector just a postmark collector 'Gone Large'?

"Large"? That may be true of SOME postal history collectors (not naming any names here...), but the rest of us are also interested in rates and routes.

Cmarsha - 4/26/2007 at 15:31

Check out this album:

This publisher has posted here before, haven't had any dealings with him for awhile but bought the set of pages to 1959 this past Fall and am very happy with them. Nice presentation. Not a standard US size but you can buy binders from him to fit. I hesitated on this because I like to print up my own pages on my printer using an album creation program, but I got some blank pages made up and punched to for this album at Kinko's and then print what I want and copy onto those pages, looks real nice, take a look!

igorfmyask - 4/26/2007 at 19:11

In some cases I have to use more than one page to display postal history item.

Page 1:

Scans of both sides with reduction.

scan0007.jpg - 83kB

igorfmyask - 4/26/2007 at 19:15

Second page:

Scan of PH item front, real size.

scan0008.jpg - 83kB

igorfmyask - 4/26/2007 at 19:19

Page 3:

Real HP item (I have to make mount also).

scan0009.jpg - 355kB

igorfmyask - 4/26/2007 at 19:29

In addition I have to create album pages for full sheets.

Some sizes:

13" x 19" - Mariupol 35-kop overprint.
- Ukraine shagiv sheets
16" x 20" - OKCA full sheets (2 tete-beche panes of 100).
20" x 24" - Tchita full sheets (8 panes).

etc, etc

achlenov - 4/26/2007 at 22:20


Gary - 4/27/2007 at 17:28

Igor shows us some excellent examples. Can others?