The Samovar

What is It?

jlechtanski - 6/6/2007 at 16:29

Gagarin.jpg - 168kB

IvoSteijn - 6/6/2007 at 17:28

A non-postal souvenir sheet issued for a stamp show, would be my guess. There's hundreds of the things. Quite often they have reproductions of stamps as part of their design and these are sometimes clipped out and offered as "imperfs" or "color proofs" to the unwary.

msmike - 6/6/2007 at 18:57

From what I was told, they were stamp show tickets. Often they depicted or copied existing souvenier sheets or stamps with the origional value defaced as in the one shown here. The origional values were always defaced. Therefore, there should never be any question about it being an imperf or color trial. The 15 K. was the price of admission or the price for the special show sheets (like the special covers at the stamp shows in the US).

mvarfolo - 6/6/2007 at 19:28

Here's a few... some exist with special "cancels". Fun, nostalgic items.

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