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kiompie - 6/25/2007 at 07:47

It has been a very long time since I was last able to dedicate myself to the hobby, for all sorts of reasons. You know, life. Today is the first time I have some time and energy to do some philatelic "bonding" again. My interest for the hobby never waned. First stop, naturally, was Rossica online and I was struck by this request from forum member Fergana for more information on 1990s money letters, notably by the title of his post.

As it happens I am a collector of "modern rubbish". It is quite an interesting and yes, a tricky, area of Russian philately. The period from the 1990s up until today may not be as interesting as the revolutionary era, but from a historical point of view it may very well be equally important. Russia & area is going through some major changes that deserve observing/documenting also in philately.

My interest in this modern period is not exclusive and I do have "older material" that I find equally fascinating but I do not have the means or material to study, for example, imperial or civil war material in depth. And even though I am still relatively young it would take ages before I could contribute significantly to the wealth of information already gathered by the big names in Russian philately. The modern era, however, still remains accessible to me.

Considering my lengthy absence from the hobby it will take some time for me to "get back into it" but I would like to use this post as a rallying point for fellow philatelists with an interest in modern and contemporary postal history.

Fergana asked about money letters with wax seals from the 1990s. I do not have any in my possession, but I can show a 1989 (pretty close) money letter with a wax seal for people to discuss. See below. I would also be interested in sharing information on postal rates and such. Maybe we can do an online study together? It would be great too if Jeff could add a separate "modern rubbish" category to the forum.

Anyway, here is the cover:

621387953_b8654101c7.jpg - 137kB

621387987_008a05bee6.jpg - 108kB

PS: Help, the pictures are not showing!?!

jlechtanski - 6/25/2007 at 09:06

Does that seal say "Insured / Crimea oblast"?

This would be the period between being the Crimean ASSR within the Ukarainian SSR (1954) and being part of independent Ukraine (1991).

An interesting piece of "modern rubbish" would be something from 1992 when Crimea declared itself independent.

Isn't that the Ukrainian spelling of Crimea (Krim)?

kiompie - 6/25/2007 at 10:08

Yeah, it does say Crimea oblast. As for the spelling, both the seal and the postal cancel say "kpbim". I checked with the Russian wikipedia, which mentions "kpum" instead. I am a bit confused. Anyone know more about this ?

See also this:

"The republic of Crimea, politically and linguistically closer to Russia wants independence from Ukraine and has issued overprinted USSR & Ukraine stamps."

Crimea 1993

jlechtanski - 6/25/2007 at 13:16

Crimea 1993.jpg - 38kB

Fergana - 7/3/2007 at 16:55

Thank you for showing the very nice example of a 1980s money letter. As far as I can remember I have never seen one of them before now.

Fergana - 7/13/2007 at 13:21

Lobko catalogue – essential - a most important reference for a collector of stamps or covers of Ukraine.

Gary - 7/13/2007 at 14:24

If you collect Ukraine, this book can be purchased from the The Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society at:

Andriano - 7/17/2007 at 03:27

Published first part catalogue “Local issues Russia, CIS & Baltia 91-95”. Author - Eugeniy Obuhov, chief-editor “Philately” magazine now. This part has information about “legal” issues. Second- will inform about types fantastic & faked (“tufta” – favour term Mr. Obuhov). Color, Russian text.

CatalogueLocals.jpg - 101kB

jlechtanski - 7/17/2007 at 18:42

Looks like an interesting book. I will have to try to find one somewhere.

Does Obuhov consider any of the many overprinted Soviet Russian stamps valid - besides St. Petersburg?

IvoSteijn - 7/17/2007 at 19:05

Lobko certainly considers a few of the Ukrainian overprinted issues "valid" (which is a difficult term to define exactly). But "legal" status is sometimes surprisingly hard to pin down. Ukraine made a terrible mess of it with different government statements that flatly contradicted each other.

jlechtanski - 7/19/2007 at 14:18

Thanks for the Table of Contents

The book looks very interesting. I have translated the Russian place names for my use. The list may be useful to others.

I'm sure I have some of this material somewhere.

Altai krai
Bugulma (Tatarstan)
Chernogolovka (Moscow oblast)
Kaluga (Kaluga oblast)
Kurgan (Kurgan oblast)
Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug)
Nolinsk (Kirov oblast)
Novoshakhtinsky (Primorsky krai)
Orel (Orel oblast)
Pskov (Pskov oblast)
Pyatigorsk (Stavropol krai)
Saint Petersburg
Terney (Primorsky krai)
Tobolsk (Tyumen oblast)
Tura (Krasnoyarsk krai)
Uchaly (Bashkortostan)
Ust’-Uda (Irkutsk oblast)
Volgograd oblast
Voronezh (Vornezh oblast)
Zheleznovodsk (Stavropol krai)

Leroux - 7/20/2007 at 18:51

Intersting catalogue - Looking forward to have a look at it.
As for the list ... Jlechtanski - Thanks and not so sure - On which base this publication was made ... For example " Altai " .. As far as i kown - Only 2 stamps ever made it (For real postage used) were from " Barnaul " ... Tartastan the only interesting item were " Cancellations - With Tartastan Rep on them) ... Chechenia perhaps the 1st issue ... Pskov - Kirov - St Peters (Fews) ... Volgograd and fews others did have some " Temporay Postmarks " ... Even " Sakhalin Isl " had a " Temporary Postmarks " ... As for Tobolsk been told a longtime ago - These were genuine issues (Problem which one) and also " Samara " seem to have been forgotten (Ok so be it 1995 and it was for 2 weeks) ... Also forgotten seem " Novosibirk " and few others In my collection recieved well outside the border of the former USSR and well outside " Ex-Warsaw packs Countries to " ... Then i should talk too much about what is and isn`t published in this catalogue :)
I haven`t see it yet ... Thanks for the list - Regards - Leroux.