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Weird Warsaw killer postmark

ameis33 - 4/24/2009 at 15:47

What do you think about this letter?

russia.jpg - 328kB

jlechtanski - 4/24/2009 at 16:07

All the postal marks seem to be smudged - the killers, postmark and registration"R." The killers seem to be doubled - you can see it in the dates. Something to do with the contents of the letter - something soft and/or thick inside? POLECONY (registered) seems all right, but it was probably stamped on the envelope before the enclosure was inserted.

The year looks like 1913, so 40k indicated a 3x rate -- a heavy letter. Lots of sheets of paper?

Gary - 4/27/2009 at 15:58

As pretty as it is, this is an item for sale on eBay. Te scan is owned by the seller.

As such, we should maybe tell people that it is and put it in the eBay section of the Samovar?