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New start up forum on Yahoo

Gary - 9/5/2009 at 13:50

There is a new Yahoo group that has just formed. It is too early to tell what it will or will not bring. You can check it out at :o

Unhinged - 9/5/2009 at 18:51

If you'd like to visit the site without going through eBay, here's a more direct link:

I personally won't be joining it. You must have a Yahoo! account, which I'd prefer not to do. Nothing against Yahoo! (though they are now part and parcel of Microslop), I just don't feel the need to have dozens of e-mail addresses wandering around out there in cyberspace. If you're already on Yahoo!, or have no qualms, go for it.

I liked one of the questions posted there, actually. About a conversion chart between the cataloges and the various numbers. I think Amos Publishing should do this for Scott and Minkus, at the very least, as they own both.

I have Poland and Germany in Minkus albums, so I get lost at times trying to track down a Scott-listed item to see if I've got it. Fortunately, my Russian stuff is in Scott.

Cmarsha - 9/6/2009 at 11:35

Just put my membership request in. Am getting back into things after a lapse of several months and this looks like a good group- time will tell. Am already a member of a few other Yahoo groups.
If this one is moderated well it could be a useful thing. The problem is that so many start out well, then the moderater loses interest and the viagra merchants take over. We'll see.

ameis33 - 9/6/2009 at 16:53

Nothing against the new yahoo group. I can just wish all the best. Just my tought: As soon as there are already other association and/or groups with the same main goal (and i`m not referring just to Rossica), why to begin a new group from scratch instead of joining the existing ones and try to grown them/with them? In my idea, it could be just dispersive to have too much branches, rather then to join together.
There could be several answer to this question.
a) The existing groups doesn`t match the expectation (i.e. other main goals, different target, etc.).
b) The existing group could also match the expectation, nevertheless i will start something different for my personal reasons, whatever they could be.
c) I just don`t know other groups.
In case (and just in case) this one could be the answer, couldn`t be possibile to present (privately perhaps) Rossica to the moderator of this new forum?
Just a tought and, as i told, anything against this new group, to which i can just wish all the best.

msmike - 9/7/2009 at 18:49

I don't know what has happened but I followed the link given and Yahoo says the group no longer exists.

Whether this was just a come-on or not, someone who go into the group will have to tell us. I do have a login to Yahoo so I should have been able to get into the group without any problems.

Gary - 9/8/2009 at 12:59

Yahoo ate the new groups for a little snack yesterday, but now they are back.

Cmarsha - 9/21/2009 at 12:07

I have been in the Yahoo group a couple weeks now and think it has possibilities. It's never going to replace this forum for serious discussion but it's a good venue for newer collectors and light discussion. The moderator has some downloadable files I really like, maps and writeups on postal history you can print out for your album if so inclined. Moderation seems to be good thus far, one guy got the boot for spamming already, I'm impressed.

Gary - 9/21/2009 at 17:26

You cannot hide your identity on this group like you can on the Samovar.