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Pilot/paratrooper stamps - unusual description

oldteddy - 5/6/2010 at 15:19

These two stamps (see scan) came to me on a dealer card with the following description:

"#736 [Scott]

Type I - props do not align 1946
Type II - props align 1936"

Pilot-GH.jpg - 278kB

Never saw such a description of those stamps. What does it mean?

Also, could anybody help me to identify those two stamps. The stamps were in a pocket, so it wasn't clear which type descriptions is related to which stamps, but I think it's safe to think that the left stamp on the scan is the earlier issue (1939-1940?). But I'm completely baffled by the second one. I do not have 1946 stamp to compare, but I have 1947 (with a white line behind the propeller) printed by the same method as 1946 and in comparison with it the stamp in question look very crude, fuzzy, with bad background lines, very irregular perforation, complete mess of lines under the pilot's chin etc, though it has indentation on the gum side which points to typo printing. What is it? A forgery of 1939 stamp?

Can anybody comment? Can anybody show a high-resolution 1946 stamp?

Thank you.

GregMirsky - 5/7/2010 at 14:18

Both of the stamps you showed here are from 1st issue (1939-1940). I will post examples of all 3 types later.

oldteddy - 5/7/2010 at 18:29

Thanks a lot, Greg.

I trust you expertise, and I completely agree that they appear to be of the same issue (1939-1940) but ...

1: Why so different quality? Look at the background lines at the top - clear and straight on the left stamp and fuzzy and with a lot of ink runs on the right one. So different quality of perforations also.

2: Any varieties or different prints of the stamp are known? Different printing facilities? It was being printed over two years - may be there are some differences between earlier and later printing?

3: What that business about aligned or not aligned props mean?

Paper difference?

stamplover - 5/8/2010 at 10:11

The paper looks different with lots of fibers on the right. Note that Liapin lists 10 varieties of this stamp on different papers and in different colors plus variable perforation!

GregMirsky - 5/9/2010 at 00:13

As promised, see illustrations of all 3 major issues of this stamp:

Left stamp - Typo - 1939-1940 issue)
Middle stamp - Litho - Sept. 1946 issue (really scarce one !)
Right stamp - Offset - Sept. 1947 Issue

30KopPilotTypes.jpg - 365kB

GregMirsky - 5/9/2010 at 00:37

Answering questions about different types of 30 kop. "typo" stamp issued in 1939-1940...

Yes, there are a lot of types of this stamp based on shades of blue, color of paper, etc. ( let's put aside fact that it exists in comb 12 x 12.5 and linear 12.5 perforation). See examples below:
All of them "typo" stamps from the same issue. Probably printed in different time, different facilities, on different paper... I don't know anything about "aligned or not aligned props".

736TypoColorsPapers.jpg - 414kB

GregMirsky - 5/9/2010 at 11:18

Additional note on this subject... Be very careful with illustrations in some of the catalogs, even specialized:

1. Liapin 2008 - shows the picture of OFFSET(!) stamp for typo stamp (#663), litho stamp (#1041) (year 1946) and offset stamp (#1112) (year 1947). So out of 3 illustrations only one is correct .

2. Standard Collection (Zagorsky) shows correct illustrations for all 3 stamps (Zagorsky #608, 988, 1056). Good Job!

3. Soloviev vol.4, 2010/2011 also shows correct illustrations for all 3 of them (page 57-58), # 695, 697,699.

4. Scott 2009 lists only type stamp (#736) with correct illustration. It does not lists 1946 or 1947 issues.

5. Michel Soviet Union Specialized 2007 lists all of them properly, but shows illustration of only typo stamp of 1939 (#682)

6. Stanley Gibbons Russia 2008 lists/shows all 3 types correctly, but in somewhat cryptic way. (#847, #1214).

oldteddy - 5/10/2010 at 11:51

Thanks a lot, Greg, for a comprehensive presentation. But comparing your FOUR varieties of 1939 stamp with my right one I still see a lot of differences in quality, like your four and my one are from completely different issues - your four even have an ink "tear" below the same background line left of the pilot's head. But looks like I'll have to live with those differences remaining a mystery.