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Uzbek Rep - XXV: Scott 1429-1434 - reprint question.

oldteddy - 6/22/2010 at 12:42

Could anybody show high-resolution details allowing to distinguish reprints from originals of this issue?

25-kop and 40-kop are easy - they have different screens (RASTERS), but the other four differ in small design details. Lyapin doesn't show them, gives just descriptions, Soloviev shows details, but quality of those details in the version of the catalog I have are not good enough for my "senior-citizen"eyes. I do not have Michel-specialized.

Thanks in advance.

GregMirsky - 7/2/2010 at 10:03


See illustrations below:

20 kop (Scott #1429)-

First print (left stamp) - light (white) upper part of the building - (there is almost no raster (screen) lines there) and it has no visible ornament (almost). You can also look at white area (steps) above "A" in "POCHTA" - there are no raster lines there too.

Second print (right stamp)- the same areas have quadratic raster (screen) lines and visible ornament at the top part of the building.

1429_20kop_Type1_2.jpg - 445kB

GregMirsky - 7/2/2010 at 10:07

40 kop (Scott #1431)

First print (left stamp) - 3 story building above car has roof line above 3 rows of windows
Second print (right stamp) - 3 story building above car does not have roof line above 3 rows of windows

1431_40 kop_Type1_2.jpg - 425kB

GregMirsky - 7/2/2010 at 10:09

1 rub (Scott #1433)

First print (left stamp) - Dark green
Second print (right stamp) - Light green

1433_1rub_Type1_2.jpg - 449kB

GregMirsky - 7/2/2010 at 10:13

2 rub (Scott #1434)

First Print (left stamp) - Light lilac brown - see color of grapes under "XXV let"
Second Print (right stamp) - Dark lilac brown - see color of grapes under "XXV let"

1434_2rub_Type1_2.jpg - 437kB

oldteddy - 7/2/2010 at 12:30

Thanks a lot, Greg, your examples are very clear and convincing - all but 1-rub: the right stamp (used one) is washed and as all stamps printed by this method, lost some of its design and ink and as such is not comparable with the unwashed stamp.

And, as I expected, what I have is a mix of the original (1st printing) and reprint (2nd printing).

And, from your illustrations for the 2-rub stamp I can see what Soloviev meant by showing differences in the design of the building adjacent to the right tower, and what he shows is the opposite of yours - the stamp with a big dark area on the building is of the original printing and the building with a small dark spot on the building is from the reprint.

GregMirsky - 7/2/2010 at 14:54


Glad it helped. Regarding 1 Rub... I have couple used ones from different sources (no CTOs) and all of them look light green vs dark green. At the same time all used "dark greens" look dark even if used. So if you see light green mint or CTO 1 rub stamp somewhere - this is the one from first printing. Sorry do not have better copy.
Now, regarding what printing was first one and second one- it is a mess in the catalogs. Liapin shows it one way and Soloviev other way. They only thing is certain, that there was definitely two printings. I used Liapin "naming convention", but it does not mean that it is correct one.