The Samovar

Scott #8 freak or plate variety?

oldteddy - 8/29/2003 at 17:00

Twice I run across Scott #8 with the space between the inner and the outer frames in the upper left corner filled with ink. The first time I thought - well, it's run ink or a freak, but when I "met" the second stamp with the same "problem" - I began to think...

Could anybody enlighten me on this issue?

Shown are both stamps - full scan of the first one and a fragment of the seocnd one.

hlovitz - 8/29/2003 at 20:12

I have one cancelled # 8 with the same mark and another on an envelope with the mark, from SPb, dated Nov 1862. I don't recall ever checking this mark. ( I have another that has what appears to be a run-on-ink mark in the same place.) Most of my research material is in storage so I can't be of further help. I am of course also interested in opinions from others.

Mostly all clear

Rusalka - 8/29/2003 at 23:45

Most of my copies have clear frames. There are no corner spots.

However, a few stamps have a tiny dot at the junction of the outer frame. The dot in my copies does not extend to the inner frame.

Are these intermediate varieties of Oldteddy's stamps? :P

Nice find Oldteddy!

Where are you, fly speck specialists?

oldteddy - 8/30/2003 at 05:18

So it's even more often seen than I thought. Is it described or listed anywhere?

GregMirsky - 9/3/2003 at 20:45

I am on business trip now and will be home in couple days. Promise to check and get back to everybody.

GregMirsky - 9/10/2003 at 08:11

I checked and found several copies of #8 with exactly the same variety. I could not find any reference in literature (it does not mean that it does not exist). Lobachevsky does not mention about it. So, if "somebody sometime ago read something" - article, etc. - please let us know.