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Rossica Certificates for forgeries

red1999 - 2/10/2018 at 05:35

I was surprised when I spotted this among a lot of the current Raritan auction - which also contains several obvious forgeries (e.g. the news magazine).

The 35 Goldkopeck is a very crude forgery and the 50k looks wrong too. Who did these certificates? Back then Ray was still active and would not do such mistakes.

1260-25.jpg - 144kB 1260-26.jpg - 153kB

Jeff - 2/10/2018 at 21:34

Whose signature on the certificates?

IvoSteijn - 2/11/2018 at 01:49

According to a 1996 issue of the Rossica Journal, the Expertization Committee's contact persons were Gary Combs and Leon Finik. This signature doesn't look like "Gary Combs".

Andrey - 2/14/2018 at 11:21

I could not see an embossed seal over photos of stamps on shown certificates....