Why Join the Rossica Society?

Members receive the following:

Not a Member? How You Can Join the Society

Prospective members are invited to download the Rossica Society Membership Application and the latest approved Constitution and By-Laws of the Society and submit the completed application to the Secretary, Alexander Kolchinsky. All applications are reviewed by the officers of the Society and approved nominees are presented to the membership for final approval. Members in 'tentative' status, pending final membership approval, receive full membership privileges during the nomination and approval process, to include receipt of all journals and bulletins, and full access to member-only benefits such as the library and member-restricted areas of the Society website. Members receive all journals and bulletins published in the year they join.

Annual membership dues vary based on the format of the journal you prefer to receive. See the Annual Dues page for journal options. Annual dues increases will be announced to our members through the website and may be published in either the journal or bulletin. Please see the Annual Dues page for current rates and options available to members. To join, or for more information, please contact the Secretary Alexander Kolchinsky by email, or you may write the Secretary at the following address:

Alexander Kolchinsky
The Rossica Society
Send an Email alexander.kolchinsky@rossica.org