The Mailman Cometh!

by Gary Combs 

One of the great pleasures of philately is finding items that are associated in some manner other than stamps and postmarks. I realize this small article is deltiology, but it offers a glimpse into a few nice items from times past.

Over the years I, like so many other collectors, have acquired various items associated with Russian philately. One such item is a postcard with a picture of a mail carrier on the front and a little mail pouch attached to the card. Inside the pouch is a fold-out list of pictures from the town it represents. The cards say "Greetings from" and the town name is on the pouch.

Illustrated here are three such items from Moscow, one from St. Petersburg, one from Staraya Russa, and one from Rybinsk. One of the items from Moscow and the St. Petersburg item have been postally used. Take a look and let me know if you have others that I can illustrate. Any additional information would be gratefully appreciated.




St. Petersburg

Staraya Russa


Insert from a Moscow Pouch