Times Two

by Gary Combs 

Below are illustrated two parcel cards from Samara to Warsaw. Both concern items sent to soldiers. What is interesting is that two offices within the same town post used different cancellers and registration labels on the same date. The control numbers in manuscript (upper left) are 2267/2 and 2269/2 and the hand stamped control numbers (lower to the right) are 1108 and 1110.

The first card uses a cross-date device with serial number 1. The second card is from the 13th section with no serial letter.

The 2nd Kontora of the 5th Dispatch Office in Warsaw, serial 8, handled both cards on the same day. One was delivered on 24 February and one received a notice on 5 March. One is not signed by the postal person who handled it and the other is signed.


Card One


Card Two